From the dirt tracks of Cambodia to the high passes of the Himalayas, through the foothills of India’s Western Ghats to the garden route in South Africa and from the fjords of Norway to the back roads of the USA, our intrepid team has led motorcycle tours all over the world.




Revered for its ancient folklore, highlands, islands, rivers and lochs, not to mention some of the finest motorcycling roads on the planet, the proud nation of Scotland provided a breathtaking backdrop to this deluxe tour. Riding iconic Harley-Davidson® motorcycles we brought thunder to the Glen and a thrill to the heart all those who took part. Covering over 1400 miles, our route explored all the main Scottish districts - Southern, Central and the Highlands and Islands, with rugged coastline, peaceful lochs, rolling hills and towering mountains all unveiled as we ventured on. As per our Saddle Tramp trademark, we immersed ourselves in the region’s rich dynamic history, experiencing the abundant folklore and traditional culture that’s renowned and admired throughout the world.



The American Road Tour with Bill Davidson. The Harley-Davidson Museum® chose Saddle Tramp to design and deliver this exclusive customer experience riding tour for Museum and HOG Members. Bill Davidson hosted the ride along with sister Karen and participants enjoyed a unique ‘behind the scenes’ insight to the fascinating places along a lesser known stretch of Historic Route 66. I don’t think any of us will forget the musical extravaganza put on by the townsfolk of Joplin, crossing the Chain of Rocks Bridge or our triumphant arrival at the H-D Museum.

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This 11 day, 2,800 mile road trip took our intrepid group of riders from the shores of the Pacific Ocean up through temperate rain forests to the remote desert region of Kamloops, before winding back along the breathtaking ‘Sea to Sky Highway’. Along the way we explored hidden logging routes, rode the rim of Crater lake and crossed the Salmo-Creston Pass to experience the unique motorcycle roads that this spectacular region has to offer.

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The New England Trailblazer was Harley-Davidson’s Official 2014 H.O.G.® Touring Rally - conceptualised, organised and delivered by Saddle Tramp. Over 230 riders completed the 1,300 mile route route through Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire, riding from red barns and covered bridges through untamed wilderness and outstanding natural beauty to the remote and rugged coastline found at the most easterly point of the mainland United States. Highlights included a sensational send off from the Brattleboro Police and Fire Departments, a spectacular firework display on Sugarloaf mountain, a moving remembrance service and flag ceremony in Bangor on 9/11 and a sensational closing night party beneath the wings of a fighter jet in Concord NH.



Following the success of the American Road Tour, Saddle Tramp were once more selected to provide a VIP customer experience to HD Museum members in the shape of the official Harley-Davidson Museum’s® Legends & Lakes Road Tour. This epic event began with an exclusive insight behind the scenes at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn MI, before venturing to the UP to circle Lake Michigan and wind down to Milwaukee. Bill Davidson rode with us again as we experienced submarines, bands on the beach, native Menomenee hospitality, the most outrageous HD dealership (Doc’s in Shawano), a night at the casino, a lap or two of Road America and a sensational party at the HD Museum where a certain Willie G. and Nancy welcomed us home.

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The Ozark Hellbender - so good we rode it twice! Saddle Tramp set up and ran Harley-Davidson’s Official 2013 Touring Rally, which took almost 300 riders on an exclusive route to explore some of the best motorcycling roads in the US; The Jasper Disaster, Talimena Scenic Byway, Pig Trail, Hwy 7 and the legendary switchbacks of Hwy 19 to name but a few. Old friendships were rekindled and new ones forged as we experienced stunning scenery, amazing history, incredible roads and countless wonderful moments on this epic road trip. In 2017 we went back, with a small group of hard core road riders looking for something different - and blew them away! We added an extra couple of days and more than a few more miles, plus an immersive musical theme that started with the gentle picking of dulcimers in Mountain View and finished with a Jack Daniel’s fuelled chainsaw solo in Fort Smith…